Xceed Words for .NET V1.6

Adds support for .NET Standard 2.0 and above.
February 05, 2019 - 12:19
New Version


  • Xceed Words for .NET is now available on .NET Standard 2.0 for .NET Core 2.0 Applications.
  • In all classes points are now used to set sizes, margins and spacings.
  • In Bookmark the new Remove method is now available to remove a bookmark from a document.
  • In Container and Paragraph the new ReplaceTextWithObject methods now make it easy to replace a string with an image, a hyperlink or a table.
  • Document
    • Calling the InsertDocument method to join 2 documents now manages the documents sections. This result in a final document composed of 2 sections, one for each document.
    • Tthe Bookmarks property now includes the bookmarks from the headers and footers.
  • In DocX the saved document now always has the extension “docx” or “doc”.
  • Paragraph
    • Equations can now be aligned to the left or right.
    • Loading a document, adding a paragraph with a specific Heading style to it and saving it, now saves the document with the paragraph in the correct heading style.
    • The Bold and Italic methods can now also be used to remove a bold or italic text.
    • The InsertHorizontalLine method is now obsolete and has been replaced by a new InsertHorizontalLine method with different parameters. This prevents an issue with creating incorrectly formatted lines.
    • The IsListItem property now returns false when a paragraph’s numId is equal to 0.
    • The IsListItem property now returns true when a paragraph has a style (or a basedOn style) which contains a numId different from 0.
    • The new ClearBookmarks method can be used to remove all the bookmarks from a paragraph.
    • The new GetListItemNumber method now returns the numeric value of this paragraph when the paragraph is a ListItem.
  • In Section the new PageNumberStart property can now be set to specify the starting page number of each section of a document.
  • Table
    • Setting the Design property to the same value it already contains no longer acts on the Table. This results in documents merging where tables keep their styles.
    • New properties are now available to wrap text around the tables.
  • In Table and Cel, the GetBorder methods now return the default border when an Xml type is missing. This prevents a NullRefException.
  • Document
    • The new UpdateTableOfContents method is now available to force an update of the Table of contents when document headings have changed.
    • Paragraph and Container, new properties and methods are now available to create or get Shapes (only rectangles for now) and TextBoxes.
  • PDF Conversion
    • A cell displayed on 2 pages, with a bottom vertical alignment, now displays its content in PDF.
    • A paragraph containing a page break and a table now converts the table to PDF.
    • A paragraph following a table now always uses its LineSpacingBefore property.
    • Absolute tabs are now converted to PDF.
    • Big wrapped pictures and shapes are now converted to PDF.
    • Bullet lists without a font family set are now converted to PDF.
    • ListItems now show their bullet when the paragraph uses a hanging value.
    • Paragraphs that define tabStopPositions now include their style’s tabStopPositions.
    • Pictures contained in a Hyperlink, which is contained in a paragraph, are now converted to PDF.
    • Sections now start page numbering at their start page number, or continue numbering from the previous section.
    • Shapes (rectangles and lines) and TextBoxes are now converted to PDF.
    • Tables that start a new section are now converted to PDF.
    • The docx document properties now appears in the converted PDF document.
    • The highlight color is now removed when an endOfLine character is converted.
    • The lastRenderedPageBreak are no longer considered. This prevents from adding blank pages in PDF document.
    • The tab distance between the ListItem’s numeric value and text is now normalized.
    • The z order of pictures and shapes is now respected in the converted PDF document.
    • Wrapped images/shapes/tables are now always displayed on the same page as their associated paragraph.
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