UEStudio Suite v19.10

Adds performance improvements for Quick Find, scrolling & typing, undo & redo, word wrap & editing.
June 11, 2019 - 9:33
New Version


  • Greatly improved performance:
    • Threaded Quick Find for greatly improved performance in large files.
    • Faster scrolling and editing, especially in files with hidden lines.
    • Better performance when word wrap is enabled.
    • Faster undo / redo.
    • Improved grouped undo.
    • Eliminated flickering while typing.
    • Faster scrolling with HTML / XML tag highlighting.
    • Smoother scrolling with large files.
    • Improvements for indent guidelines with large sections of code.


  • Various other fixes and improvements.
UEStudio Suite

UEStudio Suite

Create and modify content, collaborate on projects, manage change, perform power searches and securely transfer files.

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