jSparrow v3.60/v2.3.0

Adds new 'Reorder Modifiers' and 'Use List Sort' rules to Eclipse and Maven plugins.
June 20, 2019 - 12:15
New Version


jSparrow 3.6.0 for Eclipse introduces three new refactoring rules.

  • Use Factory Methods for Collections - Java 9 introduced a convenient way to create immutable collections with factory methods. This rule, replaces the invocations of Collections.unmodifiableList/Set/Map with the corresponding factory method List.of , Set.of and Map.ofEntries accordingly.
  • Reorder Modifiers - This rule reorders the modifiers on Type, Field and Method Declarations based on the recommendation of Java Language Specification.
  • Use List Sort - Java 8 introduced an extension to the List API by adding a sort method that sorts by Comparator. This rule replaces static invocations of Collections.sort(List, Comparator) with List.sort(Comparator).

jSparrow 2.3.0 for Maven introduces two new rules.

  • Reorder Modifiers - Reorders the modifiers on Type, Field and Method Declarations.
  • Use List Sort - Improves the readability by utilizing the Java 8 extensions of the 'List' API.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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