Aspose.Words for SharePoint V19.6

Adds API to extract VBA Macros from Word documents.
June 26, 2019 - 10:49
New Version


  • Added API to extract Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros from Word documents.
  • Added new DocSaveOptions.AlwaysCompressMetafiles option.
  • Implemented table style public API.
  • Improved rendering of CurvedArrow shapes with basic and custom adjustment points.
  • Improved rendering of DrawingML charts with scaling of vertical axis if the chart legend has a manual layout.
  • Improved text positioning when there is a paragraph-relative shape with an anchor wrapped around multiple floaters.
  • Improved calculation of space before a paragraph when it's first in the document and there is a floater before it.
Aspose.Words for SharePoint

Aspose.Words for SharePoint

Convert documents from your SharePoint document library.

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