GitKraken V6.1.0

Users can now easily search inside the graph for commits by message, author, or SHA.
August 13, 2019 - 7:49
New Version


  • Users can now easily search inside the graph for commits by message, author, or SHA. Access this feature with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + F or click on the toolbar’s search icon. While searching, use Enter or [Down Arrow] to view the next result in the graph, or Shift + Enter or [Up Arrow] to view the previous result.
  • New GitHub Actions integration. Users can now add, edit, and delete GitHub Actions workflows inside of GitKraken. The GitHub Actions section will appear in the left panel for repositories with a GitHub upstream or any repository with the .github/workflows directory. Choose from several workflow templates to get started.
  • The integration tabs under Preferences > Authentication have been changed to a vertical layout.
  • The merge conflict warning when opening a pull request will now display a list of conflicted files.
  • An un-bundled version of GitKraken’s strings file has been added. Users can edit/replace for use in non-officially supported languages. This file can be located at {appLocation}/Resources/app.asar.unpacked/src/strings.json.
  • More Keif avatars have been added to profiles.
  • An option has been added to the Fuzzy Finder to view GitKraken release notes.


  • Users will no longer encounter the error message caused by .gitignore negation rules, Checkout failed: error matching pattern due to .gitignore, when checking out a branch.
  • Users can now change the project group name casing when renaming a project group.
  • When initiating a push and pull request through the context menu, the Pull Request panel will now appear once the local branch has finished pushing to your remote.
  • The reset branch context menu will now perform as expected after dragging a branch onto another reference in the graph.
  • We have fixed an issue with authentication for Bitbucket servers when the username is an email address.


Search inside the graph for commits by message, author, or SHA


Git GUI client for Windows, Mac and Linux, issue boards and timeline maker for communicating project milestones and deadlines.

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