SecureBlackbox 16.0.326

Adds new events for better control of HTTP authorization.
November 14, 2019 - 14:44
New Version



  • (HTTP) Added OnGetUserDigestAuthInfo and OnVerifyUserAuthInfo events for better control of authorization.
  • (Cloud) Extended Dropbox components with Path and Parent properties.
  • (Cloud) Updated the REST version used by Azure components to 2015-04-05 as the previously used version has been gradually retiring.
  • (WebDAV) TElWebDAVClient improved to accept status codes without reason phrase.
  • (Zip) Unified behaviour of OnUserActionNeeded in Tar with that in Zip.
  • (PKI) Improved handling of system-based EC keypairs.
  • (SSH) A number of server detection heuristics improvements in SSH and SFTP components for better interoperability.


  • Improved lifetime handling of certificate/crl retrieivers and factories. NOTE: if you are using CleanupRegisteredGlobalObjects(), this change may affect you.


  • A number of improvements and fixes in .NET Core targets.



  • (PDF) Fixed automatic signature naming when signing an encrypted PDF document.
  • Fixed an EOL issue in lower-level components which affected HTTP header formatting.
  • (PKI) Fixed decryption of OAEP data in TElMessageDecryptor (sometimes OAEP parameters were read incorrectly).
  • (SSL) A number of fixes in SSL server component to make it fail safer in case of issues.


  • (PKI) Fixed reading and writing of signature descriptions.


  • (Mail) Fixed random hangups in TElIMAPClient.Close() method.


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