SQL Monitor 10.0.7

Adds support for Azure Government Cloud SQL database.
March 26, 2020 - 12:43
New Version


Updates from v10.0.2 to v10.0.7

  • WinRM connections now support HTTP.
  • Improved webhook diagnostic response.
  • Added support for Azure Government Cloud SQL database.
  • Reporting API allows request to come from defined IP/host.
  • Added Reports User which allows read-only access with reporting.
  • Added support for Custom Webhook Messages.
  • Added WMIType parameter option for Add-SqlMonitorMonitoredObject cmdlet.
  • Job Duration Unusal alert now triggers on currently running alerts instead of only on finished alerts.
  • Added new SQL Server licensing page.
  • Removed the Add-SqlMonitorAlertSuppressionWindow cmdlet. New-SqlMonitorAlertSuppressionWindow now creates a new window that is immediately persisted without the need for a separate call to Add-SqlMonitorAlertSuppressionWindow.
  • Improved sampling of machines that have migrated from VMWare.
  • Added PowerShell API support for alert suppression.
  • Improved PowerShell API performance.
  • Monitored servers configuration page now provides a warning if multiple base monitors are monitoring the same target.
  • Long running query alert and sql blocking process query can now ignore databases using a regular expression.
  • Performance of the global overview page has been improved for sites with significant latency between website and base monitor.
  • Improved handling of an invalid IP address for SNMP notifications.
Setting up Webhook notifications in SQL Monitor 10.0.

SQL Monitor

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