Remote Desktop Manager 2020.1.19.0

Adds support for Microsoft Edge version checking in Extensions Manager.
March 26, 2020 - 16:29
New Version


  • Added "Prompt refresh all vaults on startup" feature to MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server and DPS data sources (DPS requires new build).
  • Added an option to User Interface options which disables the tab bar on undocked windows.
  • Added more logging to Mateso Password Safe login.
  • Added ReferencedBy to SSH tunnel and port forward.
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge version checking in Extensions Manager.
  • Added support for Web Custom Autofill settings from RDM entries in DWL.
  • Added user cache to Passportal prevent same user from being prompt multiple times for 2FA.
  • Adding option to use host information in the "host" entry type.
  • Changed permissions to be listed alphabetically in the permission column.
  • Improved handling of "convert with template" batch action and linked credentials.


  • Multiple minor UI fixes.
  • Fixed a possible UI exception with Wayk splitter.
  • Fixed copy username and password in embedded chrome browser.
  • Fixed copying templates when "Allow local templates" is disabled.
  • Fixed description not resolving variables in navigation pane's description column and dashboard's description column.
  • Fixed DODB login using refresh token when application password is enabled.
  • Fixed entries' description. They now allow variables through the variables window.
  • Fixed exception slowing entry edit prompt.
  • Fixed issue with badges still showing when locking RDM.
  • Fixed issue with default playlist selection.
  • Fixed issue with ForceLogin GPO not working properly with windows credential lock.
  • Fixed issue with Zoho Vault URLs and added support in 1Password for 'server' types.
  • Fixed launching of connections in Sophos connect client.
  • Fixed multiple issues linked to the "Document" entry type when using .docx or .xlsx documents.
  • Fixed multi-select in folder window when creating shortcuts.
  • Fixed opening desktop shortcuts on DPS when rdm is closed.
  • Fixed possible crash in advanced search.
  • Fixed possible crash in Sophos VPN and OpenVPN entries when saving.
  • Fixed possible crash when loading layout.
  • Fixed possible issue where sessions weren't properly refresh when changing vault.
  • Fixed potential issue registering license for RDM Enterprise.
  • Fixed recording of chrome web browser resulting in freeze when dragging a window.
  • Fixed selection after creating a user. The selection is now the created user instead of both the created user and the previously selected user.
  • Fixed tab selection in credential prompt always opening on general.
  • Fixed Task management is now sorting users when you are selecting one.
  • Fixed UI issue with password list selection window.
  • Fixed undocked window always taking focus on second monitor.
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