jSparrow v3.16.0/v2.13.0

Adds a new refactoring rule for eliminating security flaws.
April 20, 2020 - 8:44
New Version


  • jSparrow Eclipse Plugin and Maven Plugin
    • New Rule - Use Parameterized Query, This rule replaces a java.sql.Statement with a java.sql.PreparedStatement if the SQL query is constructed by concatenating string literals with user defined expressions (e.g. variables, method invocations, user input, etc). Parameterized queries enforce a distinction between the SQL code and the data passed through parameters which prevents SQL injections and improves security.


  • jSparrow Eclipse Plugin
    • Referencing constants in lambda expressions, Fixes unqualified field references when transforming an anonymous class into a lambda expression.


Automatic Java Refactoring

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