CodeRush 20.1.3

Adds duplicate code detection.
May 04, 2020 - 8:25
New Version


  • Duplicate Code Detection - Now you can detect structurally similar blocks of С# code, in a solution or an active project, making it easier to identify improve the quality of your code bases.
  • Unit Testing
    • Run Settings File Support - With this release, you can exclude specific functions from Code Coverage analysis using a *.runsettings file.
    • Test Discovery Enhancements - The CodeRush Unit Test Runner can now discover tests in source code and assemblies when you open a solution. This background discovery process aborts when tests are run or when the code is built. Once a project is built successfully, the Unit Test Runner will discover tests located inside these project assemblies.
  • Blazor Support
    • Code Templates - You can now expand C# templates inside @code sections in .razor files. For example, you can type in 'ps' and press Tab (or Space, depending on your settings) to create a property of type string.
  • Performance Enhancements - This release includes faster performance and lower memory use in the code formatting and unused code analysis engines.
Duplicate code detection


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