ActiveState Platform - May 2020

Adds Python 3.8.2 plus ability to revert and preview builds.
May 22, 2020 - 8:12
New Version


  • Python 3.8.2:
    • Python 3.8.2 is now available for building custom runtime environments for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac on the ActiveState Platform.
  • ActivePython 3.6.6 Critical Security Update:
    • ActivePython 3.6.6 has been updated to address two critical vulnerabilities found in Django v2.0.3. For security reasons, whether or not you are actively using Django, it is strongly recommended you update all deployments of ActivePython 3.6.6 with the latest version.
  • Revert to Previous Version:
    • You can now revert your Python or Perl runtimes to a previous version of your build. Experiment with adding packages or operating systems, safely knowing that if anything goes wrong or fails, you can always rollback to the latest working version of your runtime.
  • Preview Build Changes Before Committing:
    • You can now preview what the Platform is doing when you make a change and see which dependencies are associated with which packages.
    • When you make any changes to your build, such as adding a package or changing a version, under the hood the ActiveState Platform automatically:
      • Pulls in all required dependencies.
      • Ensures all transitive dependencies are resolved.
      • Ensures that all components are using the optimal version.
ActiveState Platform

ActiveState Platform

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