ExpressQuantumPack 21.2

Adds support for fixed column/band modes in table and banded table views.
December 17, 2021
New Version


Microsoft Windows 11 Support - Rounded Corners

  • Updated the UI to better match the Windows 11 user experience. The windows and dialogs for your DevExpress-powered VCL apps can now include rounded corners to match the look and feel of Windows 11. These rounded corners are available even when using previous versions of Windows.
  • You can apply the desired corner style via a new 'FormCorners' option in a skin controller. The 'dxSkinFormCorners' global variable in the source code allows you to select the corner style used by default.

Open/Save Picture Dialogs

  • This release ships with new skinnable replacements for the standard VCL Open/Save Picture dialogs. The dialogs can preview images from a number of different formats, including SVG.

Message Dialog Boxes

  • Added skinnable counterparts for the system message dialog boxes so you can keep the appearance of message boxes consistent with other DevExpress VCL controls. The new message boxes also allow you to format their text with the BBCode-inspired markup tags introduced in v19.2. The VCL controls now use these new message boxes by default.
  • Methods that invoke the new message dialog boxes are fully API-compatible with those found in the standard VCL and Win32 APIs. If you prefer using standard message dialog boxes in your application, set the 'dxUseStandardMessageDialogs' global variable to True.

Open/Save Dialogs

  • File Preview - The file dialogs can now include a preview pane. This pane shows either the file content or the file thumbnail depending on system and dialog settings.
  • File Search - Users can now enter a query in the Search box to find a file whose name or content matches the query.
  • Favorites/Quick Access - With this release, the dialogs now show Favorites (known as Quick Access in Windows 10 or later) much like those found in Windows File Explorer.

Grid Control

  • New Fixed Column/Band Modes in Table and Banded Table Views - You can now anchor columns to the left or right edge of the Table View as you do in the Banded Table View. This release also introduces a new fixed mode that allows Table View columns and Banded Table View bands to move freely to the right, but dock to the left when you scroll the View to the right.

Data Editors and Controls

  • Microsoft UI Automation (UIA) Support - Accessibility support was first introduced in v20.2, and have now it has been extended with UIA support in the editors and controls shipped with the ExpressEditors Library. Every UI element now creates a UIA tree node that exposes the UI structure and related information to accessibility applications. A screen reader such as Microsoft Narrator can read these nodes when a user navigates between UI elements.

Image List Editor Enhancements

  • Clipboard Operations - You can cut/copy/paste one or more images into or between the Image List Editors. Multiple images are combined into one when cut or copied to the clipboard.
  • Color Palette-Based Preview for SVG Images - The Image List Editor allows you to apply any color palette available in the active skin to the previewed SVG image.
  • Locate Source Images in the Icon Library - With v21.2, you can load an image from the DevExpress Icon Library to the image list or the Image Picker's Selection box, and later use the image's context menu to return to the image's location in the Library.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The VCL Layout Control improved its design-time performance in complex layouts, up to 20 times faster.
    • The Shell Breadcrumb control now allows you to load previously used paths from the system and navigate to files via the relative paths (for instance, 'Downloads', 'Libraries\Documents', etc.)
    • You can now reverse the scroll direction in ScrollBar controls.
    • This release adds support for the following SVG elements: image, pattern, and radialGradient.
    • Use the new 'OptionsBehavior.ItemHotTrack' property to specify if the Gallery control tracks mouse movements across items.
Fixed columns


Add extensive grid, printing, layout and skinning functionality to your Delphi and C++Builder applications with this suite of components.

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