jSparrow v4.8.0

Adds new "Remove Unused Fields" rule.
February 21, 2022 - 15:54
New Version


jSparrow Eclipse Plugin

  • New Rule
    • Remove Unused Fields - This rule finds the field declarations that are never used and removes them. Reassignments in the same or in external Java files are not counted as active usages. A dedicated configuration wizard allows users to choose whether to remove fields whose initializers may cause side effects. Any annotation except for @Deprecated and @SuppressWarnings prevents the field declaration from being considered as unused.
  • More jSparrow Markers - Added 15 additional markers for the following rules taking the total number of available jSparrow Markers to 56:
    • Replace Assignment with Compound Operator.
    • Use Files.newBufferedReader.
    • Use Files.newBufferedWriter.
    • Use Files.writeString.
    • Use BufferedReader::lines.
    • Use Optional::filter.
    • Use Optional::ifPresent.
    • Use Optional::ifPresentOrElse.
    • Use Optional::map.
    • Create Temp Files Using Java NIO.
    • Reuse Random Objects.
    • Use SecureRandom.
    • Use Parameterized JPA Query.
    • Use Parameterized Query.
    • Use Parameterized LDAP Query.


Automatic Java refactoring.

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