Rappid v3.5

Adds the ability to create new types of diagrams including Kanban and Yamazumi.
March 07, 2022 - 14:35
New Version


  • Added the ability to create new types of diagrams including Kanban and Yamazumi - New plugins have been added to help you create new diagram types more efficiently, such as Kanban or Yamazumi:
    • ‍ui.StackLayoutView which represents a new drag & drop view for the stack layout graphs.
    • ‍layout.StackLayout that helps you organize elements in a one-dimensional stacks, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Scrollbar and data modifier/decorator have been added to the Data Mapping application - The new scrollbars mean that it is no longer a problem to display huge data sets in a single shape. In addition, modifiers/decorators have been added to allow end users to modify the data flowing from one data silo to another.
  • No visible borders in a paper anymore - For some use cases, the way paper borders expanded in the past was not always ideal. The blank space around the paper has now been made borderless.
  • Added an option to move link labels to a separate (top) layer - This change makes even very complex diagrams clear and easy to read.
  • Content-driven elements made possible - Added the ability to create an element where the content drives the size of the element. The CodePen profile has been updated where new tutorials are regularly added.
  • ‍Other additions
    • @joint/decorators - A new package for defining shapes from an SVG template (text interpolation, data binding, using functions, define new SVG attributes).
    • apps.Tokens - Integrate high performance WebGL heatmap library.
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