Eyeshot Fem 2022.2

Adds the ability to Fillet and Chamfer BRep edges plus support for semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo.
June 13, 2022 - 10:34
New Version


  • BRep Fillet and Chamfer.
  • Mixed selection modes: edge/face vertex/face edge/face.
  • Subitem selection on Sketch, Region and CompositeCurve entity.
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 .NET 6 assemblies.
  • Permanent anti-aliasing on main UI elements (ObjectManipulator, Origin, ViewCube, CoordinateSystem).
  • FemMesh gravity load.
  • Semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo.
  • Assembly component/instance isolation.
  • The Sketcher code sample is now SketcherDemo.
  • Text entity async regeneration.
  • Interactive dimension drawing preview.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger Visualizer for entity types.
  • .NET 6 version of Geometry assembly (for cross-platform deployment) available upon request only.
  • Removed Open Design x86 unmanaged DLLs from the installer (now available upon request only).
Semi-transparent dynamic selection with halo

Eyeshot Fem

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications including geometry meshing and Finite Element Analysis.

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