C++Builder 11.1.5 Alexandria

Improves performance, code completion results and navigation.
July 18, 2022 - 10:32
New Version


New IDE Enhancements

  • New Save Order
    • When saving a new C++ project, the IDE will now prompt you to save the project itself first, followed by the new unit(s).
    • The precompiled header will be saved automatically as part of saving the project without prompting you for a filename and location.
  • Optional auto-save on project creation
    • In order to enable Code Insight to work immediately when a project is created and match the behavior of other C++ IDEs, there is now an optional feature to save a project and file instantly when it’s created.
    • This feature can be modified in IDE Options > Desktop > Saving. However, this is off by default to preserve behavior for those used to the traditional workflow.
  • Progress Notifications
    • In this release progress notifications for C++ LSP parsing are now shown in the LSP progress bar at the bottom of the Projects view, like for Embarcadero Delphi.
  • Multiple Navigation locations
    • In this release a dropdown list similar to code completion is shown, allowing you to choose where to navigate with the keyboard or mouse.
    • If the location is already open in the editor, this includes further contextual information.
  • Delayed indexing
    • Indexing source code can use a lot of CPU. The LSP server would default index whenever a file is modified. This release introduces a setting to optionally index only when you save (Ctrl+S).
  • Indexing All Projects and Files
    • Added new ‘Index all files in the project group’ setting.
  • Quality Improvements
    • This release contains several improvements and quality fixes for C++ developers using Embarcadero C++Builder and Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.1. This includes:
      • Performance improvements.
      • Improved displaying code completion results.
      • Improved navigation.

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