DevExtreme Complete 22.1.5

Improves DataGrid, Charts and File Management controls.
September 12, 2022 - 17:19
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  • All HTML JS products
    • DefaultOptions - The 'device' field is ignored if it is set to an array.
    • Web Site - Documentation - Version selector box disappears when an item is selected after search.
  • DevExtreme Charts & Gauges
    • Sparkline - The "that._incidentOccurred is not a function" error occurs if the valueField property is removed.
    • The type declaration of exportWidgets is incorrect.
  • DevExtreme DataGrid
    • A focused row is not visible if calculateSortValue returns an object and customSortingMethod is used to sort key values.
    • A header filter does not display all correct values when a custom editor is used for a column.
    • Accessibility - Header filter and filter row buttons have wrong role attributes.
    • Accessibility - Rows have `aria-selected=false` even when selection is disabled.
    • Accessibility - Selection checkboxes don't have the aria-label attribute.
    • Browser is scrolled when clicking on an empty row.
    • Column headers are shifted if rtlEnabled is true and native scrolling is used.
    • Disabling keyboard navigation prevents focusing row using mouse.
    • FocusedRowKey option is cleared when changing the selection.
    • If a column uses the editCellTemplate function and the showEditorAlways property is enabled, the edited value of the previous cell is not saved.
    • It is not possible to switch tabs in the details section if the scrolling mode is set to standard or virtual.
    • Lookup column filtering with calculateCellValue doesn't work.
    • SelectAll checkbox is not updated when only repaintChanges is true.
    • The built-in load panel appears in the wrong position and then moves to the center.
    • The group panel text overlaps the toolbar.
    • The last rows in fixed columns are shifted when the scrolling mode is set to 'virtual' and showScrollbar is set to 'always'.
    • The order of items in an adaptive detail row is not correct if a banded layout is used.
    • The second-to-last page is incorrectly rendered after setting pageIndex to the last index.
    • DataGrid doesn't render translated texts in "aria-label" attributes for pager buttons.
  • DevExtreme Dialogs & Notifications
    • DataGrid - Fixed column cells' text overlaps text in Toast messages.
    • Toast - The animation property has an incorrect default value.
  • DevExtreme Editors & Validation
    • DropDownBox incorrectly displays its container in v22.1 when the position is specified via dropDownOptions.
    • NumberBox - Exponential formatting does not work as expected.
    • PivotGrid - ContextMenu's width is not adjusted to the width of the item text.
    • TagBox\SelectBox - A popup window is displayed with a gap when it's opened for the second time if floating labels are used.
  • DevExtreme File Management
    • An exception occurs if a user immediately selects a file in the item area after selecting a folder in the navigation pane.
    • File Manager - The size of a custom thumbnail icon is calculated incorrectly in a progress panel that results in hiding the panel's content.
  • DevExtreme Gantt
    • Chart view is not expanded after adding a task to a collapsed node.
    • Gantt for Angular - TreeList doesn't save the collapsed state after editing a task in the Gantt chart area.
  • DevExtreme HTML Editor
    • A table width isn't displayed in a context menu after inserting a table and changing it.
  • DevExtreme Layout & Navigation
    • Toolbar - Popup is flickering on first load in Vue, React, AngularJS demos.
  • DevExtreme Scheduler
    • "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'left')" error occurs when virtual scrolling is enabled.
    • Appointment's start/end time is applied incorrectly in certain cases when it is affected by the daylight saving time.
    • Standard appointment popup is shown even when it is canceled.
    • Scheduler incorrectly displays weekly recurrence appointments if an appointment doesn't have a time zone.
  • DevExtreme ThemeBuilder
    • ThemeBuilder doesn't build a custom theme based on Bootstrap 5.2.x.
    • ThemeBuilder doesn't show any errors on the page if the import fails.


  • All Angular products
    • Web Query Builder - It is not possible to invoke the date editor in Filter Editor in case it exceeds the popup width.
    • Reporting - The "Object is currently in use elsewhere." error may occur while generating reports after upgrade to v22.1.
    • Web Report Designer - A report's modified state may be reset after invoking Expression Editor.
    • Web Report Designer - The list of lookup values may be incorrectly rendered in the "Edit Parameters" window.
    • Web Site - Documentation - Version selector box disappears when an item is selected after search.


    • All React products
      • Web Site - Documentation - Version selector box disappears when an item is selected after search.


    • All Vue products
      • Web Site - Documentation - Version selector box disappears when an item is selected after search.
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