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New 'Pandas for Data Analysis' track helps you learn one of the most popular Python libraries for data analysis.
November 23, 2022 - 10:15
New Version


  • Added new track - Pandas for Data Analysis.
    • The 'Pandas for Data Analysis' track covers 111 educational topics and by using it you can learn how to use one of the most popular Python libraries for data analysis and visualization. In this track, you will:
      • Grasp the fundamentals of the SkiPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, and pandas Python libraries.
      • Learn how to create, concatenate, and merge DataFrames.
      • Perform data operations, including grouping, transforming, and pivoting.
      • Create the most common plots (histogram, bar plot, scatter plot, and boxplot).
    • This new track offers 8 real-world projects for you to complete, allowing you to take a deep dive into data analysis with pandas, for example:
      • NBA Data Preprocessing - Data preprocessing is one of the first and most important steps in data analysis. In this project, you will learn how to improve the quality of your input data by removing the features with low predictive value, engineering new ones, and dealing with multicollinearity. You’ll apply these concepts to NBA data to get a high-quality dataset that is ready to be fed to a linear model.
      • HR Data Analysis - With this project, you will perform hands-on data analysis on 3 datasets with information about employees provided to you by the leader of a hypothetical company’s HR department. Perform several data operations and practice the pandas methods you’ve learned to reveal insights and visualize your findings.
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