Xceed Business Suite for WPF Released

A set of WPF controls for mission-critical Line Of Business solutions.
March 14, 2012 - 10:43
Press Release

Xceed Business Suite for WPF is a resource-friendly set of components for building WPF applications. It includes a WPF datagrid control, 3D views, listbox and editors that are all data-virtualized and use various techniques to ensure responsiveness and a high-performance UI. It also provides themes and UX-enhancing controls.



  • Ideal for large data sets and/or remote data sources
  • Mature and stable, having undergone constant development since its January 2007 release
  • Provides a fluid, high-performance experience
  • Features hierarchical master-detail features and grouping to represent tabular data


  • Features item grouping and easy data navigation
  • Provides an multi-view panel that allows animated switching between multiple views
  • Provides “path” panels and views which allow items to be placed along the path of any geometric figure

UX Tools

  • Provides switchable 2D layouts
  • Includes 13 layouts (8 custom and 5 SwitchPanel-compatible versions of stock WPF panels) and features smooth animation and transition of elements between different panels
  • Real-Time 3D layouts

3D Views

  • Includes four multi-surface themes: Three Office themes (Blue, Black, and Silver) and Chameleon (which lets you choose the gradient colors)
  • Features rich in-place editing
  • Updates cell source when it exits edit mode or immediately when the content changes


  • Style any official Microsoft WPF control and its child items
  • Provides styles for Microsoft’s datagrid and datepicker controls
  • Supports implicit styles, so a couple of lines of XAML code are all that is needed to apply styles to any WPF application
  • Styles can also be applied explicitly for maximum flexibility
  • Create applications that faithfully reproduce the look and feel found in Windows 7
  • Apply the styles found in the Windows Media Player application
  • Three Office themes (black, blue, and silver)

About Xceed Software

For 17 years Xceed Software has been creating professional WPF, .NET, Silverlight, and COM software components. Their current product line has over 65 components, which are used by over 50,000 developers worldwide. Their current specialization is data grid controls and their flagship products are Xceed DataGrid for WPF and Xceed DataGrid for Silverlight.

Custom views sample.

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