Application Virtualization Explorer released

Premier App-V package editor and administrator's companion.
October 22, 2014 - 10:47
Press Release

Application Virtualization Explorer is an advanced, all-purpose Microsoft App-V virtual application package editor and troubleshooting tool. It includes several advanced features in an easy to use and understandable interface. It targets use cases for App-V packages regardless of their deployment methodology or infrastructure including SCCM -based usage, App-V's native infrastructure, lightweight infrastructure or custom delivery methods.


  • Review App-V Packages - Review exactly what each package contains regardless of the source of your App-V virtual application.
  • Edit App-V Packages - Change plain-text stored data, as well as binary package files (.APPV file or .SFT file).
  • App-V Support - Supports all past and present App-V formats, 32-bit or 64-bit, for both reading and writing.
  • Internal Files - No need to revert back to a clean environment or set up secondary partitions in order to open and edit internal files.
  • Update Manifest - The software takes care of updating the manifest file to reflect updated OSD files.

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View App-V package contents using Application Virtualization Explorer.

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