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  1. Description: Visual help authoring tool for creating CHM, HTML, and PDF help documents. HelpSmith ... is an innovative help authoring tool allowing you to create CHM HTML Help files, Web Help, Printed Manuals, and PDF ... and provide context-sensitive Help. Designed as a regular office application, HelpSmith enables the creation ... Read more Show more results from this product

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  3. What's New: What’s New in HelpSmith 4.1? The new HelpSmith update adds conditional compilation functionality making it possible for you to compile different versions of the same help system easily. Now you can use build tags and define when specific help topics or individual content blocks should be included ... Read more

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    Description: Create Excel add-ins using C/C++. XLL+ is a toolkit to aid C/C++ programmers in the construction of Excel add-in libraries. XLL+ contains tools and C++ class libraries that make it very easy and safe to produce high-performance Excel add-ins. The XLL+ class library wraps the Microsoft Excel SDK ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. What's New: New features in V5.0: Run functions in a background thread and update Excel using RTD XLL Host module allows you to run your XLL within COM or .NET applications, on machines without Excel New features in V4.3.1: International and localization support COM wrapper generator, so that XLLs can be used ... Read more

  6. Features: Features: AppWizard The AppWizard builds a complete project under Microsoft Developer Studio. The user can decide whether to include various optional features, such as MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) integration and version information. The project is immediately ready to compile, link and run. ... Read more