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  1. 1. FindinSite-JS Archived

    What's New: What's New in V6.06 Indexing: Fix minor bug indexing PDFs What's New in V6.05 Indexing: Office 2007 formats supported: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX Languages: 13 more European languages supported in user interface Templates: %SEARCHTEXT% renamed to %SEARCH ... Read more

  2. What's New: What's New in Dynamic-CD for ASP V3.3.0.10 Windows 8 update V3.3.0.6 Licensing update Improved support for Request.BinaryRead Licensing update V3.2.1: Windows 7 support V3.2.0.4: Removed need for admin privileges under MS Vista V3.1.0 ... Read more

  3. 3. FindinSite-CD Archived

    What's New: FindinSite-CD 6.22 - What's New: Updated long term certificate FindinSite-CD 6.21 - What's New: Fixed issue with updated certificate FindinSite-CD 6.20 - What's New: Cope with problem with Java 1.7.0_40 - getDocumentBase() return null if ... Read more

  4. What's New: What's New in Conference-CD 1.7 Changed folder and file names used consistently What's New in Conference-CD 1.6 Index gets correct title from PDF files What's New in Conference-CD 1.5 Test mode: Bug fixed: Test mode changes lost in some ... Read more

  5. What's New: What's New in V3.8: Sub-menus supported Support "ProgramFilesDir (x86)" in file association commands, ie 32 bit applications on a 64 bit system. What's New in V3.7: Buttons now have configurable colours and font. What's New in V3 ... Read more

  6. What's New: What's new in XL-DBQuery V1.5x? New feature added - The 'Query Tree View'. Allows users to view assembled queries in a hierarchical manner. Improves overall understanding of query syntax New feature added - Export and convert query results ... Read more

  7. What's New: What's New in Liquid XML Studio 2009 SP1? Liquid XML Studio 2009 Service Pack 1 is a substantial product update with major new functionality along with enhancements and fixes to current functionality. Liquid XML Studio 2009 Graphical XML Editor ... Read more

  8. What's New: What's New in Liquid XML 2016 New Fixes and Improvements XML Editor XML Formatting optimization and new Cancel option. Fixed issue where left right keys did nothing when editing cell content in XML Grid Editor. Fixed XML Intellisense issue when ... Read more