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  1. 1. CryptoXpress LT Archived

    Brand: CFXWorks

    Description: Ready to run AES, TripleDES, MD5 and SHA1 Java solutions. CryptoXpress LT is a collection of ready to run cryptography applications that can be used to encrypt and decrypt information using "strong encryption" and to create message digests ... Read more

  2. 2. CryptoXpress SDK Archived

    Brand: CFXWorks

    Description: Commercial grade, strong encryption SDK for Java programmers. CryptoXpress SDK is a Java toolkit that can be used to custom develop application layer cryptography solutions offering “strong encryption”, message digests (digital signatures), and several ... Read more

  3. 3. NovaXpress 400 Archived

    Brand: CFXWorks
    Primary Category: Business & Entity Components

    Description: An affordable payment card solution for IBM’s iSeries, Windows or Linux. NovaXpress 400 is a payment card solution that targets users of IBM's iSeries, Windows or Linux. It sends payment card transactions directly to Elavon (formally Nova Information ... Read more