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    Description: Amazing-looking SharePoint charts for Everyone (no need for Excel Services). KWizCom’s Charts for SharePoint web part includes unique features that overcome SharePoint’s charting limitations as well as providing a charting solution for all SharePoint ... Read more

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    Description: Easily create custom-tailored mobile SharePoint solutions. KwizCom SharePoint Mobile Extensions lets you produce in minutes a custom-tailored, focused mobile solution that answers your mobile users’ specific needs. With SharePoint Mobile Extensions you ... Read more

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    Description: A comprehensive Taxonomy management solution for SharePoint. KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature provides an extensive taxonomy management solution for SharePoint-based implementations such as Document Management, Collaboration workspaces, Portals and ... Read more

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    Description: Easily configure time-based/rule-based SharePoint notifications and reminders. Kwizcom SharePoint Smart Notifications enhances the out-of-the-box SharePoint alerts system, improving business processes and increasing productivity. Get a notification before ... Read more

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    Description: Enhanced cross-site branched Surveys and Quizzes for SharePoint. KWizCom Survey Plus can be used to easily deploy Surveys and Quizzes, including all types of questions: Drop-downs, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, rating scales and more. The Survey Plus web ... Read more

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    Description: Roll up all personal and shared scheduling data from various sources into a single aggregated SharePoint calendar view. KWizCom Calendar Plus Web Part for SharePoint connects to various sources and displays one consolidated view of all aggregated events. ... Read more

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    Description: Add external dynamic information to your SharePoint View/Edit Item pages. KWizCom SharePoint Current Item Property web part enables you to embed external, dynamically-rendered content in your lists' Edit/View forms. That dynamically-rendered content ... Read more

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    Description: Display your SharePoint items exactly the way you want, plus: No messy XSL required. KWizCom Data View Plus web part enables you to easily create a customized, branded display for SharePoint lists and libraries, and for aggregated SharePoint items. This ... Read more

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    Pricing: KWizCom Image Rotator Web Part v12.1.03 1 Server License + Standard Support Mfr. Part No: IRWP+std Our Part No: 553659-942173 2 Server License + Standard Support Mfr. Part No: IRWP+std Our Part No: 553659-975253 3 Server License + Standard Support Mfr. ... Read more

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    Pricing: KWizCom KPI Field Type v11.2.04 1 Server License + Standard Support Mfr. Part No: KKPI+std Our Part No: 553660-942176 2 Server License + Standard Support Mfr. Part No: KKPI+std Our Part No: 553660-975257 3 Server License + Standard Support Mfr. Part No: ... Read more