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    About Extended Search for SharePoint 2007

    Description: Provides Faceted navigation for SharePoint search. SharePoint 2007 offers extensive search capabilities to the enterprise. However the presentation of the search results lacks means of search navigation. By design SharePoint does not offer users a ... Read more

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    About Webinator

    Description: Web index and retrieval system. Webinator is a sophisticated Web index and retrieval package built on the Texis platform. It allows the Website administrator to create and provide a high quality retrieval interface to collections of web documents no ... Read more

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    About Extractor

    Description: Powerful text summarization engine. Extractor is a software text summarization engine. It consumes documents (text, html, email) and using a patented genetic extraction algorithm (GenEx) analyzes the recurrence of words and phrases, their proximity to one ... Read more

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    About SearchUnit Lite

    Description: Add an index based search engine control to your ASP.NET web applications. SearchUnit Lite is entirely designer based and easy to configure and deploy. It's design is fully customizable through it's use of templates. It is simple to use, being ... Read more

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    About SearchUnit Pro

    Description: ASP.NET search engine component for Web applications and sites. Keyoti SearchUnit Pro is an index based search engine control for ASP.NET web applications, written in .NET. the SearchUnit design is fully customizable through the use of templates. Keyoti ... Read more

  6. About SharePointListSearch

    Description: Easily filter Sharepoint Lists. SharePointListSearch is a filter for SharePoint lists which allows the creation of customizable forms for searching and filtering information. SharePoint List Search can be used for any ListViewWebPart located on the page, ... Read more