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  1. Description: Terminal emulation, UI and business process modernization. Rumba+ is a terminal emulation solution with innovative UI modernization technology. It gives users an updated environment for accessing core applications from desktop devices. Rumba+ can quickly ... Read more

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    Description: Thin client terminal emulation. Web-to-Host is a terminal emulation suite that provides secure connectivity to mainframe, AS/400, UNIX, HP, and virtually any host system from a Web browser environment. It provides cost effective, reliability and security ... Read more

  3. Description: Live remote technical support anytime, anywhere. SupportSmith IT Support's architecture allows for peer-to-peer connections in a secure, reliable and firewall-friendly manner. No ports are required to be open in either the customer's nor ... Read more

  4. Description: Access any Windows Desktop remotely from anywhere, through a Web Browser. Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation delivers secure, high-performance Remote Desktop access and Screen Sharing over the web by taking advantage of the latest web technologies like ... Read more

  5. Description: PC-to-Host terminal emulator for accessing to IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframes and Unix Hosts. z/Scope Classic is Cybele Software's fully featured PC-to-Host terminal emulator for accessing to AS/400, IBM Mainframes and Unix hosts. It can be run on Windows ... Read more

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    Brand: Tomsk

    Description: Access your computer from anywhere. DeskRoll is a secure Web-based remote access tool that allows you to control your computers from a Web browser, without any installation. It also provides remote access and management from iOS and Android devices. ... Read more