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    About Select Process Director Plus

    Description: Put your software development process into practice. Select Process Director helps you solve the challenge of researching and rolling out a software development life-cycle process. Select Process Director gives managers more project control and assists ... Read more

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    About Rommana ALM Global

    Description: Integrated Lifecycle Manager. Rommana ALM Global is a software lifecycle management solution which supports the following processes; Requirement Management, Test Management, Project Management, Use Case Management, Issue Management and Change and Release ... Read more

  3. About TRICHORD

    Description: A project management application. TRICHORD is a simple Agile project management tool that helps developers and managers to track status at a glance from three viewpoints (Time, Task, Team ), using "Kanban Board" (a Just-In-Time pull control ... Read more

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    About DBI Staff Scheduler Pro

    Description: One touch, drag and drop staff resources scheduling. DBI Staff Scheduler Pro provides users with the ability to create and view schedules either by Position/Task or by Employee. Building schedules using DBI Staff-Scheduler is fast and easy. Start by ... Read more

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    Brand: Axosoft
    Primary Category: Cloud Services
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    About Axosoft

    Description: Easy project management for your software development team, without compromising their workflow. Axosoft includes comprehensive tools to help plan and complete your software releases effectively. It helps you see who's working on what and exactly ... Read more