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    About Virto Calendar for SharePoint

    Description: View all your SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange events into single calendar view. With Virto Control for Microsoft SharePoint you have single space for your events from different SharePoint lists and/or Microsoft Exchange calendars. Use any combination of ... Read more

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    About Virto Gantt View Web Part

    Description: Visualization of SharePoint tasks. Virto Gantt View Web Part is a light and easy-to-use tool for viewing SharePoint tasks as a Gantt Chart. With the component a SharePoint user can have all his tasks and subtasks in a single view, easily create and ... Read more

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    About Virto Active Directory User Service for SharePoint

    Description: All your SharePoint Events in a single view. Virto Active Directory User Service is a Web part for SharePoint allows managing data of Active Directory database users. The Web part includes two components - Self Service (for working with your own data) and ... Read more

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    About Virto Ajax Data Grid Web Part for SharePoint

    Description: Display SharePoint list items and SQL items in a single grid view. Virto Ajax DataGrid is a ready-to-use Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that displays items from SharePoint lists (from a site or a site collection) or SQL items in a single grid. The web ... Read more

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    About Virto Create & Clone AD User Web Part

    Description: Quickly create and clone AD (Active Directory) and SharePoint user accounts. Virto Create & Clone AD User is a Web part for integrating Active Directories and SharePoint. This simple and effective component allows SharePoint administrator to ... Read more

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    About Virto Custom Mask & Unique Field Validation Web Part

    Description: Add data entry masking and validation to your SharePoint site. Virto Custom Mask & Unique Filed Validation Component enables creating pre-defined masks for entering data of a specific type and, second, and allows requiring selected fields of ... Read more

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    About Virto Incoming Fax Service

    Description: Handle incoming faxes and forward them to SharePoint from your Microsoft Fax Server. Virto Incoming Fax Service consists of two elements. The Virto Incoming Fax Client service registers an incoming fax and forwards it to the Virto Incoming Fax Feature. ... Read more

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    About Virto Password Change Web Part

    Description: Allow SharePoint Active Directory or FBAP users to change passwords on their own without administrator help. Virto Password Changer Web Part for SharePoint enables Active Directory (AD) users and users with general accounts (FBAP) to change their ... Read more

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    About Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part

    Description: Reset your SharePoint passwords without administrator help. Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part allows any user logged in to the SharePoint portal (using Form Based or Active Directory Authentication) to reset their password without contacting an ... Read more

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    About Virto Social Aggregator Web Part

    Description: Combine RSS, Atom, blogs and Tweets into a single SharePoint view. Virto Social Aggregator is a SharePoint Web Part for aggregating and displaying posts from various RSS feeds, combining blogs, news as well Twitter and popular social networks. The ... Read more