About Calendar Web Part

Add calendars with multi-source data support to your SharePoint pages.

Calendar Web Part combines events from different SharePoint Lists, from any SharePoint Site, all in one Calendar view. It lets you specify different color sets for different event sources and supports on-the-fly AJAX-enabled editing. Additionally the Calendar Web Part uses AJAX functionality for standard commands, such as Expand All, Collapse All, change calendar view, data navigation, etc. Calendar Web Part is user friendly and has a simple interface, allowing users to easily create new calendar events with a single click.

Calendar Web Part Standard Edition Features:

  • Aggregate events from multiple SharePoint lists, from any site, in one Calendar view     
  • Supports any SharePoint list type (not only Calendar list) in any location     
  • On-the-Fly events - dragging, resizing, editing     
  • Adding and deleting events with a single click     
  • AJAX support     
  • Color customization for source lists events (Background color, Text color)     
  • Event coloring according to event column values     
  • ArtfulBits Category Column integration     
  • User permissions for Calendar sources     
  • Customizable extended tooltips
  • Hour split count (for more precision event displaying)    
  • Customizable time display format for calendar events (None, Start Time, Start & End Time)    
  • Quick date navigation (using cross-browser Date & Time picker)     
  • Ability to switch between "Work Week" and "Full Week" on calendar's weekly view    
  • Ability to expand events by default on calendar's monthly view     
  • List view toolbar     
  • Cross-browser support (IE6+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)     
  • SharePoint standard themes support 

Calendar Web Part Professional Edition Features – all features included in the Standard Edition plus the following:

  • Bind to SQL     
  • Calendar sources filtering by query parameters     
  • Programmatic Calendar source filtering by client-side scripts