ImagXpress Professional ActiveX 產品特點

Features of ImagXpress Professional ActiveX

The ImagXpress SDK is an all purpose imaging toolkit for building image enabled applications. Accusoft Pegasus' powerful tools allow you to simply add document imaging and photo processing capabilities to your applications.

ImagXpress Features:

Compression & File Formats

  • Interact with file formats on disk, in memory and URLs
  • Support for 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32-bit images
  • Support for 2 to 16-bit grayscale images, including window leveling
  • Support beyond 8-bit, grayscale lossy JPEG
  • Unicode (double-byte) characters are supported in text, file, and in thumbnail descriptors
  • Convert to PDF or Scan to PDF (containing bitonal, grayscale, and color image data such as JPEG, JPEG 2000 or JBIG2). Users may add on PDF Xpress for enhanced PDF support.
  • Support for TIFF format including Group 3,Group 4, JPEG, JPEG Type 7, CCITT RLE, LZW, Pack Bits, and Deflate compressions. Additionally support is available for IPTC metadata, TIFF tag editing, compacting of multiple page files, Wang TIFF annotation compatibility, 9 to 16-bit grayscale, and intrinsic orientation (the file itself contains a rotation angle that can be interpreted during display).
  • Support vendor-specific Camera RAW - automatic detection and decompression of digital RAW photos from Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, and more.
  • Password protect images using .pic, an Accusoft Pegasus format that allows greater compression and password capability. These files require Accusoft Pegasus products to view and manipulate them.

Photo and Color Image Processing & Editing
Comprehensive set of over 80 image processing functions, such as:

  • Autocrop, Crop, Rotate, Scale, Zoom, Despeckle, Border Removal, and Color Deskew
  • Auto Red Eye Removal to automatically detect and correct red eyes in digital photos with reporting and "confidence level" for each region, supporting automated removal based on set criteria
  • Auto Color Correction & Auto Lightness Correction
  • Auto Color Level
  • Auto Contrast
  • Alpha Channel Support (e.g. alpha, integration, separation)
  • Photo Collage Layout and Printing
  • Dust Removal from color images
  • Scratch Removal from color images
  • EXIF tag editing without affecting image data
  • Color Anti-Aliasing and Smoothing for zoomed images
  • Advanced merging capabilities
  • Retention of image transparency
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, gamma, and more
  • Display adjustment of contrast, brightness, and gamma
  • Color Matching with an easy to use interface, that allows reflected and emitted colors to be matched for visual equality.
  • Supports monitor and printer profile selection, programmatically specifying rendering intent.
  • Color Space Conversion using ICC Color Profile (CMYK to RGB and RGB to CMYK conversion for TIFF and JPEG images)
  • Color Proof of printer output prior to printing
  • 24, 8, 4, and 1-bit color depth conversions with advanced palette control
  • Area and region processing

Thumbnail Image Support
An easy, flexible, memory-friendly way to add thumbnail image display and support a wide range of file formats

Multi-Page Image Support
Display thumbnails of directories and/or multi-page image files
Display thumbnails of PDF files (when PDF Xpress is installed)

Rapid Display
Load thumbnails from memory buffer or IOStream
Generate thumbnails asynchronously to provide the fastest display of thumbnail images possible
Cache thumbnail images for quick scrolling and redisplay

Multiple Navigation Options
Directory drill down
Drag and drop thumbnails within and between thumbnail windows, and from other applications
Programmatic scrolling, mouse wheel support, keyboard navigation, and more

Flexible Captions and Display Options
Set thumbnail display options including spacing between thumbnails, border width, border color, background color, and painting order
Set labels displayed with each thumbnail
Take advantage of extensive font formatting options
Unicode support for thumbnail descriptors

Flexible Image File Selection
Select one or multiple thumbnails using the mouse
Create custom actions using mouse methods and events


  • Hand tool, magnifying glass, pan and zoom, rubber band, rectangle (area and region), elliptical and free hand selection
  • Create custom cursors
  • Right click pop-up menu, including image information dialog, tool selection, zoom
  • Create customized mouse and key sequences for tools in toolbar
  • Automated support to maintain the Aspect Ratio for images with differing horizontal and vertical resolutions
  • Multiple image scaling algorithms
  • Advanced scrollbar, smooth scroll, mouse wheel support, and autosize features
  • Capture the contents of any window or section of any window
  • Built in timer with TimerTick event
  • Image property interface
  • Programmable image alignment within the control
  • 1/1000 degree rotation increments


  • Fully-programmable annotation support
  • Add annotation and redaction capability to applications
  • Add, delete, query, and manipulate annotation elements programmatically
  • XML multi-page support for import and export of annotations via file or memory
  • PDF annotation import and export using XFDF via file or memory (requires PDF Xpress)
  • Read and write the Wang/Kodak TIFF annotation format, and store all annotations in either TIFF files or in external files
  • Unicode (double-byte) characters are supported for languages with extended character sets
  • Multiple layer support
  • Create, display, save, restore, and password-protect annotations in independent layers
  • Standard annotation objects include ruler, freehand, text, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, line, polyline, image, and rubber-stamp
  • Add notes, block highlight, tooltip text support for individual annotations, and autosize
  • Brand annotations into images
  • Print annotations with the image
  • Supports opaque, translucent, and fully transparent backgrounds for notations
  • Supports opaque and translucent notations, useful for watermarking
  • Lock and unlock annotation data to locations in the control rather than the image, enabling navigation without moving the annotations (such as patient name and ID)

Document Image Processing & Editing
Comprehensive set of over 80 image processing functions, such as:

  • Autocrop, Automatic Deskew, Despeckle, Line Removal
  • Auto Binarize using image analysis and optimized settings when converting to a bitonal image
  • Anti-Alias and Scale to Gray
  • Dilate to add black pixels which extend objects vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
  • Erode bitonal images by removing black pixels from objects
  • Smooth Zoom enhances clarity by replacing small images with larger, smoothed images.
  • Color Anti-Aliasing and Smoothing for zoomed images
  • Shear enables degree rotation of bitonal images
  • Hole Punch & Blob Removal with results reporting
  • Blank Page Detection
  • Border Crop on bitonal images
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, gamma, and more
  • "Preserve Dark" Detail Enhancement (many pixels are averaged for the one displayed)
  • Avoid losing details in fine lines or fine text
  • Retention of image transparency
  • 24, 8, 4, and 1-bit color depth conversions
  • Automated 1 bpp image cleanup
  • Area and region processing

TWAIN Scanning

  • Acquire images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras using the included TwainPRO component
  • Support for TWAIN v2.0 standard, including 64-bit TWAIN support (.NET Only)
  • Access device’s capability settings and configuration dialog
  • Read and write basic G3/G4 TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PackBits
  • Save / compress to JPG, J2K, JBIG2, and TIFF-G4 within PDF files
  • Speed optimized TIFF writing (faster creation of large multi-page TIFFs)
  • Specify image resolution, image scaling, units, and color depth
  • Negotiate for all standard device features such as image dimensions, location, and resolution
  • Negotiate for optional device features such as: autofeeder enabling, brightness, contrast, image layout/frame, maximum image transfers, progress indicators, resolution, scaling, and units
  • Scan images faster and use less memory by transferring images from the data source in either Native or Buffered Memory transfer mode
  • Unicode (double-byte) characters are supported for languages with extended character sets
  • ISIS add-on available through ISIS Xpress


  • Add powerful printing features to applications with just a few lines of code
  • Print to File, including multi-page TIFF and multi-page PDF output (containing G4 compressed image data)
  • View and change printer properties, including default printer, bin, paper size, orientation, duplex mode, and more
  • Supports single and multi-page documents
  • Cancel print jobs that have been previously sent to the printer
  • Print single or multiple Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB) and Device Dependent Bitmaps (DDB) on any page
  • Color management support
  • Automatically maintain the bitmap's aspect ratio to print large images at any size

ActiveX Technical Notes

  • Programming environments include: Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and other Win32 visual development environments
  • Sample Code is included for: VB, VC++, HTML/Scripting
  • Using 64-bit and 32-bit ActiveX controls, create 64-bit, 32-bit, and AnyCPU applications using C++, HTML, and .NET
  • Can be used in development environments that host ActiveX controls
  • Streaming image support for progressive image viewing online
  • Can be used in multi-threaded applications
  • Query and update image data (e.g. tags) from memory buffer or IOStream without loading entire image