ImagXpress Professional ActiveX 新版本發表

Released: May 10, 2019

v13.7 中的更新


  • Improved support for loading single and multiple-page Image Only PDF files using the standard ImagXpress interface.
  • Enhanced stability for:
    • Reporting page counts when loading TIFFs from byte arrays.
    • TIFF tag support in ActiveX.
    • Loading files from URLs in ActiveX.
    • ThumbnailXpress V6 and PDFXpress V7 compatibility.
    • User-defined color palettes.
    • ThumbnailXpress MultiExtended selection.
    • ImagXpress viewer control.

Released: Jun 6, 2018

v13.6 中的更新


  • Improved stability and performance.

Released: Mar 27, 2018

v13.5 中的更新


  • Improved stability: ImagXpress now functions more reliably while integrating it with applications of all kinds.
  • Smoother compatibility with Windows 10: Users running this version of Windows will notice a better overall experience when working with the ImagXpress SDK.

Released: Aug 23, 2017

v13.4 中的更新


  • Improved large image support.
  • Fidelity improvements.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Sample Support.
  • Windows Server 2016 Support.

Released: Nov 28, 2016

v13.3 中的更新


  • Fixed an erroneous out of memory error when using the CopyImage() method multiple times.
  • Fixed the loading of tiff files that can lead to wrong number of pages calculation.

Released: Mar 24, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in v13.1

  • Compress a PNG to its optimal size while maintaining lossless fidelity to the input.
  • Now allows users to specify the Transform Mode of the operation as either Sequential or Progressive.
  • Added vendor specific Camera RAW support for the latest cameras.

Released: Sep 19, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in v13

  • JPEG File Optimization - JPEG Reduce feature can be used to reduce image file sizes by more than 90% to improve page load time for Web sites featuring inline JPEG images
  • Thumbnails - Enhanced thumbnail generation and control, including drag-and-drop capability for thumbnail images.

Released: Jan 9, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in v12

  • Memory Optimization - Memory allocation has been optimized, resulting in up to 50% reduction in peak memory usage.
  • Image Processing Performance Enhancements - The Negate image processing algorithm for color images has been optimized to perform up to 50% faster.
  • Performance Enhancements for Large Multi-Page TIFF Images - Optimized insertion and deletion of TIFFs when processing large files.
  • Read Annotations from Streams - NotateXpress now automatically reads annotations from memory...

Released: Mar 9, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V10.0 SP1

Add the latest PDF support to your application

Using ImagXpress and PDF Xpress together you can easily create, modify, enhance, compress, and display PDF files.
Render PDFs, create image-based PDF files, edit bookmarks and metadata, convert to PDF/A, and more.

PDF developers now have more options. With this ImagXpress Service Pack, ThumbnailXpress offers improvements for displaying thumbnails of PDFs. ThumbnailXpress v3 provides the option to use a PDF Xpress feature to...

Released: May 19, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V10.0

  • 64-bit support
  • 64-bit and 32-bit ActiveX SDKs
  • Support for TWAIN 2.0, including 64-bit TWAIN Support
  • Additional Auto Binarize options available
  • Support for additional Camera RAW formats