LightningChart JS v5.1.0

Released: Feb 6, 2024

v5.1.0 中的更新


  • Added MeshModel3D - A new 3D series type for rendering 3D Models inside 3D charts. Main features include: dynamic coloring from separate data set in real-time.
  • Added BarChart.setDataStacked, setDataGrouped - Allows for the creation of stacked and grouped bar charts.
  • Added LUT.percentageValues - Adds to user convenience when you want to color a data set between min/max value range, as opposed to a fixed value range.
  • Added Axis.setDefaultInterval (beta).
  • Added Axis.setIntervalRestrictions (beta).
  • Added Band.setDefaultMouseInteractions and ConstantLine.setDefaultMouseInteractions. Enables use cases where user needs to implement custom interactions for Band/ConstantLine.
  • Added Control.getLegendBoxes.
  • Added setStart, setEnd and setStep methods to HeatmapGridSeries and SurfaceGridSeries3D. These allow you to modify heatmap location and scale after creation.
  • Added setStart and setStep methods to HeatmapScrollingGridSeries and SurfaceScrollingGridSeries3D. These allow for modifying heatmap location and scale after creation.
  • Added PublicEngine.onRenderFrame, offRenderFrame. This has mainly been added for performance and FPS measurement.
  • Added uint32ColorFromRGBA, uint32ColorFromObject and ColorUint32.
  • Added PointLineAreaSeries, DataSetXY (beta).
  • Added UICheckBox.setButtonShape and UILutCheckBox.setButtonShape. These allow the modification of button shape during run-time. Previously had to be specified before creating checkbox.
  • Added beta feature DateTimeTickStrategy.setUTC, which allows for tick placement to be done in UTC (instead of clients local region), removing any region specific day light saving and time zone offsets.
  • ChartXY.getDefaultAxisX and getDefaultAxisY methods now return the first Axis that is visible. Previously even invisible Axis may be returned.
  • ChartXY rectangle zoom interaction now works regardless of mouse gesture direction if rectangle fit interaction is disabled (setMouseInteractionRectangleFit(false)).
  • Tweaked built-in themes for BarChart:
    • Changed gradients to solid fills.
    • Added subtle borders.
  • PolygonSeries can now be attached to logarithmic and high precision axes.
  • Removed redundant UIButtonPicture and UIButtonPictures exports. They have been replaced by PointShape.
  • Deprecated start, step and end options when creating Heatmap or Surface grids. Usage should be replaced with setStart, setStep and setEnd methods respectively.


  • Fixed ChartXY mouse wheel interaction stopping Axis even if mouse wheel zoom interaction is disabled.
  • Fixed FigureSeries style changes and dimension changes resetting mouse interaction state (under mouse, drag, etc.).
  • Fixed hidden axis taking space.
  • Fixed ChartXY animationsEnabled and disableAnimations options being applied opposite to afterwards added Axis.
  • Greatly improved LUT precision - Previously some users were facing issues with LUT picking wrong color when the value was very close to a threshold. For example, couple decimals off, or sometimes when the magnitude of the numbers was very large.
  • Improved DataGrid performance with large number of text and most of it outside view.
  • Fixed minor memory leak when using Dashboard and disposing charts inside it.
  • Fixed crash on LegendBox.setVisible(false) when a LUT is attached.
  • Fixed drag stop, mouse leave, mouse up events firing when mouse leaves chart area.
  • Fixed warning about not supported WebGL extensions being displayed even if warnings options is false.