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LightningChart JS is a WebGL-based, GPU accelerated and cross-platform charting library that has been developed to deliver outstanding performance for the most demanding data-driven applications. Performance is up to 10M+ of data points in real-time. LightningChart's charting library combines incredible speed with sturdy load capacity. Optimized for demanding industries like engineering, healthcare engineering and medical devices, industrial process control, and scientific use. LightningChart JS includes several framework application development templates for technologies such as iOS, Android, React, Vue JS, ASP.NET, Blazor, Xamarin and more.

LightningChart JS Offers an Intuitive User Experience LightningChart JS charting library is an advanced data visualization solution for web applications development providing UI touchscreen interactions, a high DPI rendering support, legend boxes, server-side rendering, fluid animations and currently, a visualization capacity of 10 million data points in real-time.

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    • Easy and convenient to manage dozens of charts, legend boxes, buttons, check boxes and other UI elements.
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在 JavaScript 中渲染複雜的 3D 幾何圖形
在 JavaScript 中渲染複雜的 3D 幾何圖形
February 16, 2024Product Update
LightningChart JS v5.1.0 添加一種新的網格模型圖表類型,用於使用頂點值對 3D 物件進行彩色、高性能的視覺化。
November 14, 2023Product Update
LightningChart JS v5.0 引入了 WebGL 上下文共用,以提高顯示多個圖表時的性能。
LightningChart JS v4.2.0
LightningChart JS v4.2.0
August 10, 2023新版本
添加新的 Polar 熱圖圖表類型。
LightningChart JS v4.1.0
LightningChart JS v4.1.0
May 23, 2023新版本
LightningChart JS v4.0.0
LightningChart JS v4.0.0
February 9, 2023新版本
引入了新的 DataGrid 元件、掃描折線圖類型和視覺主題。
LightningChart JS v3.4.0
LightningChart JS v3.4.0
February 3, 2022新版本
添加新的托盤線系列、新的地理可視化效果以及對 2D 折線圖的改進。

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