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LightningChart .NET is a high performing charting library for desktop application development, fully GPU-accelerated with a rendering capacity of 16 billion data points in real-time with low-resource consumption, suitable for the most demanding industries with a 170+ library of 2D and 3D graphics. "LightningChart has proven to be the fastest charting library in the world for desktop and web." says Pasi Tuomainen, LightningChart CEO. As ultra-high performant .NET charts for WPF, WinForms and UWP, LightningChart .NET is meant to be implemented in demanding industries’ (science and research, engineering, economics and finance, trading, medicine, energy, space and defense) data visualization application development.

Visualize complex and huge data sets, with LightningChart's optimized series types.
LightningChart .NET has recently introduced the SampleDataBlockSeries which is the optimal series type to visualize scrolling/sweeping real-time data with very low variations in refresh intervals, it gives a smooth monitoring experience, much better than before. The SampleDataBlockSeries line series uses less RAM and CPU resources, provides a higher FPS and a significantly better responsiveness to user...


在高 DPI 下優化圖表文字呈現
在高 DPI 下優化圖表文字呈現
February 19, 2024Product Update
LightningChart .NET v11.0.1.1 可在所有螢幕解析度下提供清晰的文本,確保您的圖表在任何顯示器上看起來都令人驚歎。
構建 .NET 8 高級圖表和圖形
構建 .NET 8 高級圖表和圖形
January 12, 2024Product Update
LightningChart .NET 添加對 .NET 8 的支援,使開發人員能夠將資料視覺化功能集成到其 .NET 8 應用程式中。
將 LightningChart 添加到 .NET 圖表比較中
將 LightningChart 添加到 .NET 圖表比較中
June 30, 2023Comparison Update
將 LightningChart 的功能與 .NET 的各種替代圖表進行比較。
LightningChart .NET v10.5.1
LightningChart .NET v10.5.1
June 19, 2023新版本
為所有 3D、Polar 和 Smith 系列添加 DataCursor 功能。
LightningChart .NET v10.4.1
LightningChart .NET v10.4.1
February 9, 2023新版本
包括用於在圖表中自動跟蹤資料的新 DataCursor(資料遊標)功能。
LightningChart .NET v10.3.2
LightningChart .NET v10.3.2
August 4, 2022新版本
將七個技術指標添加到 TradingChart 控制項,包括 Average Directional Index(平均動向指數)。

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The license is granted for one developer only, and one machine。 。NET Individual license is available as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum packages for WPF, Winforms and UWP or as a bundle of all...


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