PDF Xpress .NET

PDF Xpress .NET helps users create, edit, render, extract, save, and compress documents. It enables lossless compression to reduce file size without sacrificing render quality, allowing users to email files with ease. This is ideal for environments where multiple, large files are frequently emailed.

PDF Xpress .NET Features

Gain a broad range of PDF features including file creation, editing, text and image extraction, and standard PDF security in your current application.

  • Simple to Implement - PDF Xpress has concise code that enables fast, simple customization of your current application. The .NET PDF library SDK comes with C# and VB sample code to quickly integrate with your Windows application (eg. WPF, ASP.NET, Winforms).
  • Break Out and Manipulate Pages - With PDF Xpress, you can break...


PDFXpress .NET v7.3
PDFXpress .NET v7.3
August 8, 2018新版本
提高了 PDF 文檔的穩定性和逼真度。
PDFXpress .NET v7.2
PDFXpress .NET v7.2
November 28, 2017新版本
添加對 Microsoft Windows Server 2016 和 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 的支援。
PDF Xpress .NET 7 SP1
PDF Xpress .NET 7 SP1
July 15, 2016新版本
Adds page rotation support, plus improved security settings and encryption.
PDF Xpress improves Compression
PDF Xpress improves Compression
June 12, 2014特別功能發表
New version helps you compress embedded images using JBIG2, JPEG and JPEG 2000 compression methods.
PDF Xpress improves memory management
PDF Xpress improves memory management
September 7, 2010特別功能發表
Version also features enhanced handling of improperly formatted images and updated Adobe PDF library.
PDF Xpress .NET adds AnyCPU support
PDF Xpress .NET adds AnyCPU support
June 10, 2010特別功能發表
Version 4.0 adds AnyCPU 64-bit and 32-bit support for the .NET edition.

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