GrapeCity Testimonials

I switched to ComponentOne from another vendor's offering and found C1's solution to be just what I needed: fast, lightweight and professional looking while still being easy to learn and use!

Greg Gum - Founder and Lead Software Engineer.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Testimonials

Easier to use right off the bat. I liked using the Scheduler for drag-and-drop capability.

Michelle Gibson, Software Developer

ComponentOne Studio Silverlight Testimonials

The C1DataGrid and other Silverlight components are fast, and will do what you need, when you need it.

Charles Silbernagel, Software Designer, Matrix Solutions

The C1FlexGrid for Silverlight is the only grid that I use, whether in personal or professional Silverlight applications.

Greg Gum, Founder and Lead Software Engineer,

From inside Silverlight, I can create the PDF and display it immediately, resulting in a seamless reporting experience.

Greg Gum, Founder and Lead Software Engineer,

ComponentOne Studio WinForms Testimonials

...when I needed an upgrade to the grid that I distribute with our software product, I found, once again, that ComponentOne went one step beyond what I expected.

Brian Davis, Technical Services, Edulink

Spread Studio Testimonials

We found that users prefer to use an Excel type of input, and Spread allows them to cut and paste from Excel, saving an enormous amount of effort.