Lidor Systems

Lidor Systems is a software development company specializing in the design and development of high quality .NET components and controls. Its design philosophy is based on ease of use and required flexibility, performance, and integration capabilities, assisting the developers eliminating the time and cost associated with in-house development. The company's goal is to provide you with the innovative components, tools and support you need to effectively compete in today's competitive development market.

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Plostad Sloboda 11
2420 Radovis


News Headlines

IntegralUI Studio for Web v2.3 released
Adds new Accordian and TabStrip directives.
IntegralUI Studio for Web v2.2 released
Adds new Menu and Resize AngularJS directives.
IntegralUI Studio for Web v2.1 released
New AngularJS IntegralUIFilter provides advanced built-in filtering operations.
IntegralUI Studio for Web v2.0 adds CheckBox
A native AngularJS directive which represents a check box.
IntegralUI Studio for Web 2014 Vol3 released
New version adds new TreeGrid and ContextMenu components.
IntegralUI Studio for Web 2014 Vol2 released
New version adds HTML5 drag and drop features.