devDept updates Eyeshot

New version adds bidirectional support for Attributes and XData, isocurve drawing for solid entities and more.
November 24, 2009 - 11:17
Feature Release

Eyeshot Ultimate adds feature rich, visually appealing 3D viewports to your Windows Forms applications. Eyeshot includes interactive Zoom/Pan/Rotate, three different shading modes, five selection methods, layers support and professional imaging/printing so you can get the most out of your 3D model. Eyeshot also includes a full assortment of entity types, including curves, polyhedral meshes, surfaces, solids and point clouds. Modeling tools include 2D triangulation and meshing, Boolean operations and curve and surfaces trim/intersection. Standard CAD formats support allows 3D models to be imported and exported. Eyeshot is written in managed C# and provides integration with Visual Studio .NET IDE. Eyeshot is based on a per developer licensing scheme, and it is royalty-free to distribute. It includes the following Eyeshot products, which are also available individually:

Updates in V3.0.508.0

  • Added bidirectional support for Attributes and XData
  • Added isocurve drawing for Solid entity
  • Added Viewport.Entities.FrontFacingOnly flag to improve the semi-transparent entity drawing speed
  • Added Viewport.Entities.MaxCandidates property to control semi-transparent entity pre-processing speed
  • Added a new ViewportStandard.ZoomFit() override with the selectedOnly parameter
  • Improved drawing of Solid entity
  • Changed animation now uses the BlockReference.MoveTo() method
  • Changed Entity.Draw(), DrawWireframe(), Render(), DrawEdges() methods now accept no arguments
  • Renamed backFaceColorType to backfaceColorMethodType
  • Renamed the LabelBase class to Label
  • Renamed meshEdgeStyleType.All to None
  • Fixed Picture entity not drawn in the correct color
  • Fixed Line.MidPoint returning a wrong value
  • Fixed incorrect volume for solid objects created from triangles
  • Fixed print preview crash when AutoHideLabels is active
  • Fixed line/point weight determined by layer
  • Fixed drawing of nested block references
  • Fixed wrong decimal separator in OBJ export
  • Fixed Viewport.Layers.RemoveLayer() not acting on blocks collection
  • Fixed selection of solid entities
  • Fixed display of entities with size less than 1e-6
  • Fixed comparing Point3D with null/Nothing

About devDept Software

Founded in 2005, devDept Software, provides software tools for application developers using Microsoft design environments. The company's primary product focus is on 3D modeling and visualization. With many years of experience in Finite Element Analysis development, devDept's goal is to design innovative applications that make structural design easier, saving engineers time and money.

A 3D spaceship model shown within an Eyeshot viewport.

Eyeshot Professional

Add CAD capabilities to your .NET applications.

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