SWIFT Framework adds XML functionality

2009.2 update adds support for XML import and export.
April 13, 2010 - 16:33
Feature Release

SWIFT Framework .NET is a system for capturing, validating and processing SWIFT messages within an organizations information systems infrastructure. SWIFT Framework .NET allows seamless integration into existing IT systems as well as can be a base to build up a clean and fully compatible SWIFT messaging system. SWIFT Framework .NET includes generic system for loading, storing and validation of SWIFT messages and Microsoft BizTalk XML schema and object model compatibility without the need to install BizTalk.

Updates in 2009.2

  • NEW - XML import / export
  • FIX - SwiftParser.GetInstance() replaced by SwiftParser.Instance

About SWIFT Components

SWIFT Components has worked on software for banking institutions, online trading software, CRM and billing applications in retail and merchant solutions as well as medicine and highly mission critical 24/7 operation applications for some years now. As developers of custom banking solutions SWIFT Components has an expertise and knowledge of all banking products and departments, including Payment & Cash Management, General Lending, Corporate Finance, Derivatives and more.

A SWIFT message serialized to XML.

SWIFT Framework .NET

Complex SWIFT messaging solution for your .NET applications.

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