VoiceMarkupKit for Win64 launched

Chant VoiceMarkupKit includes common .NET class libraries for applications deployed as CPU ANY, X64 or X86.
August 16, 2010 - 0:00
Feature Release

Chant VoiceMarkupKit is comprised of software components that handle the complexities of generating text-to-speech markup for various markup syntax. Adjusting the speed, adding pauses, injecting emphasis, and switching voices can break up the monotony of synthesized speech. Chant VoiceMarkupKit simplifies the process of generating Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, SAPI 4, SAPI 5, and W3C SSML markup language to use with your favorite speech synthesizers.

Chant VoiceMarkupKit is also available as part of Chant Developer Workbench which includes full major and minor version upgrades for one year.


  • Marking Up Text
    Highlight and click. It's that simple to markup text for enhanced speech synthesis.
  • SSML Editing
    Edit SAPI 4, SAPI 5, and W3C Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) faster with built-in intelliprompt that suggest valid markup syntax.
  • TTS Playback
    Playback text-to-speech markup with a click of the button. Highlight specific text or playback the entire document.
  • Generate markup language in Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, Microsoft SAPI 4 control tags, Microsoft SAPI 5 XML, and W3C SSML (Cepstral) syntax.
  • Generate pronunciation phonemes for Cepstral, Microsoft SAPI 4, Microsoft SAPI 5, Nuance RealSpeak Solo, and Nuance Vocalizer synthesizers.
  • Dynamically switch among speech APIs and syntax formats.

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Adding markup to an XML file with Chant VoiceMarkupKit.

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