DEXTUpload Pro Extension adds functions

Version 1.5.3 adds functions to provide count, size and name of selected files in ListView.
September 17, 2010 - 16:32
Feature Release

DEXTUpload Pro Extension includes DEXTUpload Pro and DEXTUploadX and implements many more file upload functions. This product has improved upload capacity limits and transmission concepts between browers and Web servers to enable unlimited file uploading. The system can process and convert file transmission methods including integrated transmission to individual transmission thus it not only provides general file uploading service but the concept of webhard.

Updates in V1.5.3

  • Supports a new event notifying it when DEXTUploadX object is created
  • Supports "ListViewSortStyle" and "ListViewFileStyle" properties when used in modification mode of bulletin board
  • Supports functions for providing count, size and name of selected files in ListView
  • Supports a function for setting up type of warning message caused by limiting properties when user will add files
  • Supports a function for setting up whether or not the exception event will occur when file-adding is limited by Filter or Rfilter property


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