FastReport.Net adds RDL import

Version 1.5 supports import from Report Definition Language, plus export to XPS and DOCX formats.
October 11, 2010 - 16:26
Feature Release

FastReport.Net is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. With FastReport.Net, you can create application-independent reports. FastReport.Net can be used as a standalone reporting tool. You can connect to any database, use any table from it or create a query. Add dialog form(s) to your report to ask some parameters before running a report, using built-in script, you can manage interaction between dialog form’s controls, perform complex data handling. You can view the result, print it and export to many common document formats.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V1.5

  • Added import from RDL format (Report Definition Language)
  • Added XPS export
  • Added Word 2007 (DOCX) export
  • Added DataBand.ResetPageNumber property
  • Added properties PDFExport.JpegQuality and PDFExport.RichTextQuality (default value is 90 in both)
  • Added Slovak localization
  • Added support for custom functions in the matrix totals
  • Added calculation of percents in the Matrix object
  • Added TotalsFirst option for the matrix totals
  • Added property HTMLExport.Layers and a checkbox in the dialog of the HTML export (enable layers in HTML file)
  • Added Config.ReportSettings.ReportPrinted event
  • Added DataLoaded event to all dialog controls that support data filtering
  • Added inline printing from browser in WebReport
  • Added property WebReport.PrintInPdf (enable for PDF printing or disable for browser printing)
  • Added properties WebReport.PrintWindowWidth, WebReport.PrintWindowHeight
  • Added properties WebReport.ShowWord2007Export, WebReport.DocxMatrixBased

About Fast Reports

Fast Reports, founded in 1998, builds fast reporting software: applications, libraries and add-ons. Its flagship product, FastReport, utilizes unique programming principles making it one of the best reporting tools for Delphi. In 2001 FastReport earned second place in the "Best Reporting Tool" category at Delphi Informant Magazine Readers Choice Awards. Fast Reports, Inc. strives to constantly improve FastReport and is proud to have made it the first full-function cross-platform report generator for Borland RAD environments on Windows and Linux.

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