PDFlib pCOS adds Acrobat X support

PDFlib pCOS V3.0 supports the latest PDF standards and features including support for the Acrobat X file format.
November 17, 2010 - 17:05
Feature Release

PDFlib pCOS provides a simple and elegant facility for retrieving any information from a PDF document which is not part of the page contents. For example, PDF metadata, interactive elements (links etc.), or page dimensions can easily be queried with pCOS. With pCOS you can extract a variety of interesting items and create output for different purposes. By processing multiple PDF documents with a single call you can easily create summaries of document info entries, page formats, fonts, or any other property. Combined with tabular output this provides a powerful PDF administration tool.

Updates in V3.0

The new version brings pCOS up to date with the newest PDF standards and features including support for the file format of Acrobat X.

About PDFlib

Munich-based PDFlib GmbH, founded in 2000, develops and sells leading edge components for server-centric generation and processing of PDF documents. PDFlib customers use the software for automated and high volume generation and processing of PDF documents in business and prepress workflows or for online billing systems. The components produced by PDFlib GmbH are readily available for all common environments (operating systems and programming languages) as commercial versions and partially as open source. PDFlib GmbH sells worldwide with main markets in North America, Germany and Japan.

Retrieving PDF information with PDFlib pCOS.


PDF Information Retrieval Tool.

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