DXperience WinForms grid adds find panel

DXperience WinForms v2010 vol 2 also adds highly responsive instant feedback UI and search lookup editor.
December 02, 2010 - 0:00
Feature Release

DXperience WinForms includes the following products: XtraGrid Suite, XtraBars Suite, XtraPivotGrid Suite, XtraScheduler Suite, XtraReports Suite, XtraTreeList Suite, XtraVerticalGrid Suite, XtraCharts Suite, XtraLayoutControl Suite, XtraNavBar, XtraEditors Library, XtraPrinting Library, XtraSpellChecker. DXperience Winforms Subscription includes 1 Year Subscription for all DevExpress Winforms products included in the suite.

DXperience WinForms is also available as part of DXperience Enterprise and DXperience Universal.

Updates in v2010 vol 2


  • Grid Control - Find Panel
    With this release, the DevExpress DXperience WinForms Grid Control introduces a Find Panel – delivering an easy and straightforward way for end-users to locate information within the control. To execute a search, simply enter text within the Find box and the grid will display those records that have matching values.
  • Instant Feedback UI
    With the new Instant Feedback binding mode, you'll no longer experience any UI freezing. Data operations will be performed asynchronously, in a background thread and both the Grid Control and your application will be always highly responsive.
  • Search LookUp Editor
    This new editor combines lookup functionality with our new Find feature. Like the GridLookUpEdit control, the Search LookUp Editor embeds a grid control in the dropdown, and provides numerous grid customization features. The built-in Find box allows you to quickly locate data.


  • Improved Pivot Grid and Chart Interaction
    DevExpress have significantly improved the integration of the ASP.NET Pivot Grid and Chart controls. With this release, once you specify an XtraPivotGrid, ASPxPivotGrid, or XRPivotGrid instance as your chart's data source, all the chart's data binding and layout settings are automatically modified.
  • Date-Time Scale - The Custom Week Feature
    When using the date-time argument scale type (e.g. for financial charting), you can exclude non-working days from the X-axis scale.
  • Financial Analysis - New Technical Indicators
    With this release, the following types of Moving Average indicator have been added: Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average and Triangular Moving Average. Any Moving Average indicator can be accompanied by a corresponding Envelope.
  • Extended Interactive Capabilities
    The PointToDiagram method now supports both 2D XY-diagram and Radar diagram types. These diagram types include an inverse DiagramToPoint method, which converts the diagram coordinates of a point into screen coordinates. Use these methods in the new CustomPaint event handler in order to draw custom graphics over your chart.


  • Standalone Gallery Control
    The new WinForms Gallery Control allows you to create a photo viewer or simply display a collection of images within your application - It is a scrollable control that can display images with the option of categorizing them into groups. The Gallery Control's default orientation is vertical - items are arranged across one or more columns. To arrange items in rows, you can set the control's orientation to horizontal. For example, this allows you to implement a scrollable horizontal strip of images.
  • Tabbed MDI Manager - Document Selector
    The Document Selector allows you to switch between tab pages much like Microsoft Visual Studio. Press CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to invoke the Document Selector.
  • Tabbed MDI Manager - Show Tab Contents While Dragging
    DXperience v2010 vol 2 improves the tab dragging capabilities within the XtraTabbedMDIManager. When you drag a tab outside the header region, a preview of the tab is displayed. Dragging tabs within the header region is also more intuitive (blue hints are displayed to help a user visualize window position when dropped).
  • Add Skin Chooser to Your Application
    With this release, DevExpress have introduced a new SkinHelper class that allows you to incorporate straightforward skin “switching” to your application. By calling a single method, you can populate a menu or Ribbon gallery with all available DevExpress skins - No additional code is required. When an end-user selects a skin from this menu/Ribbon gallery, the skin is automatically applied to all DevExpress controls on your form (via the Default Look And Feel mechanism).


  • Scheduler Color Schemes Adjusted to Match Skins
    In previous versions, resource color schemas used predefined colors and were the same regardless of the selected skin. With this release, they are automatically modified to match the specified skin.
  • Scheduler Reporting Enhancements
    VisibleWeekdays - This new option allows you to specify the days of the week to be displayed within the DayViewTimeCells control. By using the VisibleWeekDays property, you no longer have to filter time intervals manually. VisibleIntervalsSplitting - This new option allows you to control how time cells are split across printed pages and can be used when the number of displayed intervals differs from one page to another. A typical scenario includes printing each month on a separate page, as illustrated below: ReportResourceHeaderOptions - Resource headers gain the ability to specify text direction for captions and display images specifying alignment and image interpolation mode. Now resource pictures in reports can be printed with much better quality. To take advantage of the new feature, use the Options property of the VerticalResourceHeaders and HorizontalResourceHeaders reporting controls.
  • Better Control over Import/Export Operations
    This release introduces the ability to better handle errors during import/export operations. If a problem occurs when our exchanger object processes data, the OnException event fires. You can analyze the reason behind an exception and determine whether the entire operation should be rolled back.
  • Better Support for iCalendar
    The iCalendar exporter is now able to export custom VEVENT properties, such as ATTENDEE - used to send out meeting invitations.


  • New Filtering Mode for Grouped Fields
    DXperience v2010 vol 2 introduces a new Group Filter feature, which provides a new default filtering mechanism for field groups. Each group of fields has a single filter drop-down invoked when clicking the filter button in the header of the first field within the group. The drop-down presents values for all group fields in a tree-like manner, allowing end-users to distinguish between equal field values that correspond to different values of a parent field.
  • ADOMD.NET Support for OLAP Binding
    Previously, the WinForms Pivot Table Control was able to connect to OLAP cubes using the OLE DB data provider. With this release, we have introduced full support for Microsoft ADOMD.NET. In addition to performance benefits, ADOMD.NET allows you to retrieve format strings and properties of OLAP members from the server. Switching from OLE DB to ADOMD.NET does not require much effort. Simply create an appropriate data source object, specify the connection string (the same you used with OLE DB) and assign the data source to the Pivot Grid Control.
  • Filtering and Sorting in the Customization Form
    Field headers displayed in the Customization Form now display sort glyphs and filter buttons to allow data shaping operations directly from the Field List.
  • Adding and Removing Filter Items
    By default, filter drop-downs display unique values from the underlying data field. In DXperience v2010 vol 2, we have introduced two new events allowing you to manage these drop-down lists. With these events, you can add or remove items, edit their captions and change their checked state.
  • Single-Item Selection Mode for Filter Drop-Down Lists
    You can now force filter drop-down lists to behave like simple combo boxes – thus prohibiting end-users from making multiple selections.
  • Delayed Updates of the Bound Chart Control
    When the Pivot Grid Control is bridged with the Chart Control, it can be set to export data only from selected cells. In this instance, the Chart Control is updated immediately each time the selection in the Pivot Grid Control is changed. Rapid selection changing (for instance, when an end-user is expanding selection with the mouse) causes a sequence of frequent Chart Control updates. You can now optionally set a delay between changes to the pivot grid’s selection and updates of the bound Chart Control to allow end-users to select the required cell blocks without updating the chart until the selection is complete.
  • Disabling Specific Customization Form Layouts
    You can now specify which Customization Form layouts are available to end-users via the Layout menu.


  • Fixed Rows
    Fixed rows give you the ability to fix data rows in much the same way as you fix columns within the XtraGrid. These "fixed" rows are not scrolled vertically.
  • Unbound Expressions
    You can create an unbound row and populate it with data via an event. Unbound rows can now be populated with data by specifying a string expression (formula). The Expression Editor can be used to build expressions.


  • New Filter Editor - Edit Filter Criteria in Text and Tree-Like Form
    Shipping as part of the Rich Text Editor library (XtraRichEdit), the new Filter Editor control has been designed to provide you with extended filter editing capabilities. It is a hybrid of our current Filter Control (Tree-like data filter) and a text-based filter editor.

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