Solutions Schedule for .NET 4.0 released

New data visualization, Gantt scheduling, Schedule Notes, more TimeBars and Value Point, Font and ForeColor properties.
December 20, 2010 - 17:25
Feature Release

Solutions Schedule for .NET provides Windows developers with an advanced set of features for creating enterprise Asset Management and Multi-resource scheduling applications. Solutions Schedule can be used in care, natural resources, manufacturing, robotics, corporate Asset Management, fleet optimization, ERP, CRM and many other enterprise applications. Solutions Schedule .NET delivers intuitive mouse driven scheduling and planning with Gantt-style project management features. Solutions Schedule .NET also includes map and scroll-to-date features to easily manage schedules of any size. DBI's Solutions Schedule for .NET comes complete with Smart Client demonstrations, sample applications and sample source code in C# and VB.NET. Solutions Schedule for .NET is Visual Studio 2005 compliant and fully compatible with Visual Studio 2008. Solutions Schedule .NET includes 12 months of updates, both minor and major and 12 months of direct access to technical support.

Updates in v4.0

  • Hit Test Methods, [TimeBarsAt]
  • Major TimeLine, display vertical line at 'major' time intervals
  • Guide Line Dash Patterns
  • Guide Line Widths [global and unique]
  • Line Arrow TimeBar Indicators
  • More TimeBars Functionality*
    • TimeBarsBeforeSchedule Method
    • TimeBarsAfterSchedule Method
  • Schedule Notes*
  • Time Bar Mouse Enter Event
  • Time Bar Mouse Leave Event
  • Time Bar Restrictions - Advanced
    • allow horizontal time bar move
    • allow new time bars
    • allow resizing of time bars
  • Extended ItemMouseOver Event
  • Value Point, Font and ForeColor properties

Details of What's New in v4.0:

Schedule Notes
Notes are images/icons that can be attached to a schedule item. Their purpose is to alert the user to an item for that schedule. They are fixed in place and may not be moved with the mouse. Schedule Notes can either be fixed to the schedule so they are always visible, or they can be set to a specific date and time. Notes support tool tips, and respond to mouse over and click events.

Line Arrows
Line arrows are directional arrows that appear at the left and/or right side of the schedule to indicate other time bars that exist before or after the current view in the schedule. Their default appearance is a solid colored triangle, which can be replaced with custom images. They respond to mouse over and click events.

New methods:
TimeBarsBeforeSchedule and TimeBarsAfterSchedule are used in conjuction with Line Arrows to determine what time bars exist outside of the current view.
ScrollToDateTime method allows the schedule presentation to be changeed, bringing timebars into view. This makes it easy to navigate to other time bars by clicking on a line arrow.

New Properties:

  • AllowHorzMoves - Determines if time bars can be moved horizontally with the mouse
  • AllowNewBars - Determines if new time bars can be created with the mouse.
  • AllResizeBars - Determines if time bars can be resized with the mouse.
  • GuideDashPattern - For setting default dash patterns for all Guide Lines.
  • GuideLineWidth - For setting new default widths for all Guide Lines.
  • ValuePoint Event has 2 new properties - Font and ForeColor. An override to the default values.
  • TimeBarMouseEnter and TimeBarMouseLeave events. Two new properties that allow the developer to determine where a time bar action took place.
  • TimeBarsAt : Accepts a mouse point and returns a collection of all time bars at a given point.
  • dbiScheduleObject contains a new property called MajorTimeLine allows for the presentation (or not) of a full vertical line between major time segments on the Time Scale Ruler.
  • If a line item is marked as read only, vertically dragging a time bar is not allowed. Previously a drag motion would allow the timebar to show in the drag and then snap back on the release. Now, a timebar cannot be dragged when set to read only.
  • ItemMouse Over - an event that now reports when the cursor is over a guideline.

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