AppLife Update adds WPF update controls

Version 4.0 lets you install the .NET Framework 4.0 during an update and offers automatic update chaining.
January 11, 2011 - 17:08
Feature Release

AppLife Update is an updating solution for .NET software applications. Using AppLife Update, you can easily enable your applications to discover, download, and apply updates automatically.  It handles all of the challenges of updating .NET software. Update publishing, discovery, download, application shutdown, automatic proxy detection, elevated user privileges, Vista UAC prompt handling, and custom update actions are included. AppLife Update is fully documented and ships with three Quick Start example applications to get you updating your applications very quickly.

Updates in V4.0.2.14

  • Improved Update Publishing and Management
    Publish to multiple update locations from your AppLife Update project, manage and compare update locations, move updates between locations, and more. Each configured update location can be managed and maintained independently. This is a significant shift from the behaviors of previous AppLife Update versions. Information about previous updates is no longer maintained within the AppLife Update project. Instead, this information is retrieved from each update location individually.
  • New Visual Controls for More Options in Update Process Integration
    AppLife Update 4.0 comes with four new visual Windows Forms controls that you can use to quickly and easily implement automatic updating in your applications. Choose from an in-line style, system tray style, or details panel style updating experience. All of the controls use background update downloading so users have a simple, unobtrusive update experience. These controls can be dropped in and configured in an instant, and with optional settings such as static text and image replacements, automatic fade and repeated update checking, you can tune the behavior just the way you want. These controls are available with a limited license, providing UI flexibility not previously available with a limited license.
  • New WPF Update Controls
    New WPF controls that provide drop-in automatic update integration. These controls provide the same property-based customizations as the new Windows Forms controls, but being true WPF look-less controls, can be re-templated to match your application.
  • Improved Visual Studio Design Time Support
    Integrating AppLife Update into your new applications has never been easier. With new design-time support, you can set up a new project from Visual Studio and be publishing updates in seconds!
  • Automatic Update Chaining
    Updates that target intermediate versions can now be downloaded and applied in a single update process, improving the update experience for infrequent application users.
  • Install the .Net Framework 4.0 during an Update
    With the new Install .NET 4.0 update action, you can easily migrate your current application to the newest Microsoft .Net framework. This action checks for the presence of the .NET 4.0 framework, then installs the framework if necessary. The action can be configured to include the framework in your update, download it from Microsoft, or download it from a location on your internal network.
  • Patch Folder Contents for Smaller Updates
    The new Patch Folder update action processes and compares an entire folder’s contents with that of a baseline and creates patches for files with differences between the target and baseline. Using patching technology, updates can be significantly smaller than using the file actions that replace entire files.
  • Improved AppLife Make Update User Interface
    The Make Update application user interface has been redesigned to improve usability. A new build and publish update wizard, new project configuration window, and new update location management dialogs help you more intuitively accomplish your goals with AppLife Update.
  • Update Log Viewer Utility
    The new update log viewer makes it easy to troubleshoot updates. With an automatic listing of log files and filters to quickly drill down into specific update stages, actions, and errors, the log viewer will quickly let you verify your updates are performing as expected and help identify the issue when an update fails.
  • Windows Update Service Utility
    The new Windows update service utility helps in developing updates that utilize the AppLife Update windows service for permissions elevation. While in application development, you can easily register your applications with the service for testing updates.
  • Full .Net Framework 4.0 Support
    The Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework installs side-by-side with previous versions of the framework. AppLife Update already supported updating deployed clients running the .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. Now all aspects of the AppLife Update solution provide full .NET 4.0 support. Specifically, Dynamic Code actions can now target the .NET 4.0 Framework, and the AppLife Update tools can operate on any system with the .NET 2.0 and/or .NET 4.0 Framework installed.

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