MailBee.NET Objects adds OAuth support

Version 6.7 also features improvements to NTLM and GSSAPI authentication and HTML-to-RTF transformation.
March 10, 2011 - 17:10
Feature Release

MailBee .NET Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL/TLS, Proxy, S/MIME (mail encryption and signing), spam filter, Outlook .MSG converter, HTML mail, XML, mail merge, multiple attachments, international charsets, secure login, events, send to queue, DNS MX lookup (direct send), email address validation.

The following components are also available as part of MailBee.NET Objects:

Updates in V6.7

  • Support of OAuth authorization and XOAUTH authentication enables applications to access e-mail resources without requiring end users to give their credentials away to these applications. Widely used by Google, Twitter and many others.
  • Much improved HTML-to-RTF transformation during converting .EML files into Outlook .MSG format. HTML-to-RTF engine now supports more tags and creates more accurate formatting in the produced Outlook .MSG documents.
  • NTLM and GSSAPI authentication improvements
  • A number of fixes to MIME parser and IMAP client
  • Revised documentation

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AfterLogic Corporation is a Delaware-based technology corporation since 2002. Its areas of specialization are COM/ActiveX and .NET email components development, email software development and software consulting. AfterLogic is known worldwide for its award winning MailBee.NET Objects and MailBee Objects mailing components as well as for the popular family of AfterLogic WebMail Pro products.

IMAP, SMTP and AntiSpam demos in MailBee.NET Objects.

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