ANTS Memory Profiler adds snapshot API

Version 7.0 also features improved support for WPF and redesigned and reorganized filters.
March 17, 2011 - 7:57
Feature Release

ANTS Memory Profiler makes .NET memory profiling simple. Use ANTS Memory Profiler to locate memory leaks, optimize applications with high memory usage, and check the health of your code during the development cycle and before release. ANTS Memory Profiler can profile any .NET application including ASP.NET web applications. ANTS Memory Profiler is available as a standalone tool or as part of the Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle.

Updates in V7.0

  • Redesigned summary. This gives immediate feedback on where your memory is being used, and now warns you if problems with large object heap fragmentation are detected.
  • New Instance Categorizer graph. Groups the instances of the class that you are investigating by the shortest path to the GC root, allowing you quickly to spot any paths that should not hold references to the instances.
  • Redesigned and reorganized filters.
  • New 'show only survivors in growing classes' filter highlights any classes where no instances were disposed between two snapshots, even though the number of instances of that class increased.
  • Field properties now available on the Instance Retention Graph.
  • Improved support for WPF: Dependency properties now shown with other field properties.
  • Snapshot API lets you take snapshots from your code.

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Since 1999 Red Gate Software has been developing ingeniously simple tools that simplify the business of working with SQL Server, .NET and Exchange. Its tools, which include SQL Compare, SQL Backup and ANTS Performance Profiler, have become industry standards for developers and DBAs worldwide. It counts Microsoft, HP, Sage, Bank of America, AT&T, The US Treasury, and over 100,000 other leading organizations as customers, and there are over 500,000 Microsoft technology professionals currently using Red Gate products.

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