VectorDraw adds custom grid display style

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) V6.0 build 6020 also improves MouseWheel and pan actions when in PerspectiveMod.
June 06, 2011 - 13:39
Feature Release

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) is a component to easily create and manage and print 2D and 3D drawings. VectorDraw objects expose methods and properties that are compatible with most common vector formats and other CAD objects. It supports over 10 vector formats and many raster formats. VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) is fully object oriented, the component is written in .NET C# code. An ActiveX component is also supplied. This ActiveX provides backward compatibility for older development platforms like Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6) and Delphi. VectorDraw Developer for Compact Framework (CE Libraries) is also included.

Updates in V6.0 (build 6020)

  • Ability to hide some layouts
  • Added Mid point grips for the line segments of polylines
  • Overwrite the vdPolyhatch object
  • Support of different LineType scale in Layouts
  • New custom grid display style
  • Set number of copies on Print dialog
  • Print dialog prints all layouts
  • Added ability to use the VDF render area to display a command button
  • Added possibility to prevent xrefs from being loaded during open operations
  • Added to the vdFilterObject the ability to filter deleted objects or not
  • Able to recover incomplete saved files
  • MouseWheel and pan actions when in PerspectiveMod improved

About VectorDraw

VectorDraw is a provider of leading edge software development services that transform ideas into products. The company was founded in 1985 and the team consists of expert programmers in Vector Graphics and provides tools, support and programming to other Software Companies all over the world. They help software companies overcome staffing and resource challenges by providing a cost-effective way to extend its internal R&D staff. VectorDraw has the tools you need to easily create and manage your drawing projects. It offers a visual development environment that can be either graphical user interface (GUI) or code driven. It provides over 700 methods and properties and events. Our tools support UNICODE and are fully object oriented.

Viewing a CAD file using VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF).

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF)

Add dynamic 2D/3D graphics to your application.

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