MailBee.NET supports OpenID & Hybrid OpenID/OAuth

V6.10 now lets you check e-mail in Gmail without requiring the end user to enter their e-mail address and password.
July 06, 2011 - 0:00
Feature Release

MailBee.NET Objects supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL/TLS, Proxy, S/MIME (mail encryption and signing), spam filter, Outlook .MSG converter, HTML mail, XML, mail merge, multiple attachments, international charsets, secure login, events, send to queue, DNS MX lookup (direct send), email address validation.

The following components are also available as part of MailBee.NET Objects:

Updates in 6.10

  • Support of OpenID and Hybrid OpenID/OAuth authorization (e.g. your application can check e-mail in Gmail without requiring the user to enter their e-mail address and password)
  • Improved authentication sequence and better support of authentication against MS Exchange server
  • Support of iCal format (create or parse events, appointments, etc)
  • Complex IMAP search made easier with new ImapUtils methods ToLiteral, AnyOf, AllOf, Not.
  • ImapBodyStructure.SafeFilename property
  • New IMAP FolderFlags values AllMail and Starred (Gmail-compatible)
  • UidCollection and MessageNumberCollection classes in IMAP now have ToArray and IndexOf methods
  • MessageParserConfig.GetMessageIDHash method
  • CertificateStore can now be loaded from byte array
  • Added Developer's Guides for ICalVCard.dll library, IMAP, POP3, Outlook components ("Getting started" topics for now, more topics coming soon)
  • Brand new collection of ASP.NET samples highlights basic and complex aspects of using MailBee.NET Objects. Samples available for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, both C# and VB.NET
  • Misc. fixes to MIME and SSL functionality
  • Numerous fixes to .PST reader and Outlook .MSG converter

About AfterLogic

AfterLogic Corporation is a Delaware-based technology corporation since 2002. Their areas of specialization are COM/ActiveX and .NET email components development, email software development and software consulting. They are known worldwide for the award winning MailBee.NET Objects and MailBee Objects mailing components as well as for the popular family of AfterLogic WebMail Pro products.

IMAP, SMTP and AntiSpam demos in MailBee.NET Objects.

MailBee.NET AntiSpam

MailBee.NET AntiSpam is an easy-to-use .NET component which allows applications to detect spam messages with self-learning and a very efficient Bayesian filter.

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